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Welcome to ANTCON-2023

With the success of 2022 we have our proof-of-concept for the event. Moreover we have a family of friends and antkeepers who we cannot wait to meet again!

This means that we have some exciting changes, some fantastic news and some awesome ideas coming together, all thanks to our founders!

We have heard your surveys and are thrilled of how happy you were. But we are ANTCON,    And we can achieve more.

With ticket pre-sales and pre-entry, your faith in us will never go unnoticed! Your founder status will be on every ticket you ever purchase in the future! 

Founders of 2022

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Complete the form below to stay in the loop of whats happening here at ANTCON HQ. We are even asking for a couple of egar helpers this year, to be included in this you will however need to be over 18. 

Store Applications

If you are an ant store then please do click here to find out how to apply to be with us for 2023

Exciting times

From our new announcement system to alert you to whats starting when to our extra activities and extended opening times on the day, this is your must visit page for the latest news, updates and updates on ANTCON-2023

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